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PostSubject: DELUHI    DELUHI       EmptyFri Oct 22, 2010 9:12 am

DELUHI       DELUHI+The+Fartherest+library+version

DELUHI is a Japanese visual kei / metal band, formed in January 2008.

Juri on vocal
DELUHI       541813c137f8561b62a86f3503a8a0771242867930_full

Leda on guitar
DELUHI       496e39e32cbbb589de3c9e7eadd425901242868035_full

Aggy on bass
DELUHI       Fde18d70a94fb3538a1c2f4c1584df8a1242868149_full

Sujk on drums
DELUHI       F8e3875743e237ce346d05657f7d58dc1242868192_full


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PostSubject: Re: DELUHI    DELUHI       EmptySun Oct 31, 2010 12:24 pm

The band is going on a pause after their oneman tour “BLITZKRIEG -Another Departure-”. Even though many fans are worried about the phrase “pause”, Leda reassured fans in his tweet that the band will return and only taking the pause to make themselves stronger for their fans.

DELUHI       Deluhi-450x224
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