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 Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll

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Wreak Havoc

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Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll Empty
PostSubject: Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll   Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 2:44 pm

Futuristic punkish yaoi manga F*CK YES!!!! Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll 116801

Heaven's Love:
Cry fell for Sig the moment he saw him at school, and though they became good friends, the relationship never progressed to what Cry wanted. But when Cry's overprotective brother Hard becomes jealous of him branching-out and having friends, Sig begins to see things in a new light. The second half of the manga focuses on Hard. As Cry drifts away towards independence, what will Hard do, since his sole purpose in life was to protect his brother...?

Inferior Doll:
Glow falls in love with a beautiful female android from a shop window display. Working hard for the money, he eventually buys the Android. However, when he starts it up it transforms into a big man… Powerful Sex Android. What happens to Glow when Deep pushes him?
Also contains a story from Heaven's Love.

I decided to put both of them in the same topic since they're kind of... related to eachother

Genres: Action, Drama, Yaoi ; Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Yaoi, Supernatural

Both mangas are by Kairi Shimotsuki

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BleedinG FreaK
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BleedinG FreaK

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Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll Empty
PostSubject: Re: Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll   Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll EmptyFri Oct 22, 2010 7:19 am

I'm INLOVE with that fucking awesome manga!! <3 Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll 593376
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Heaven's Love + Inferior Doll
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