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 Oresama [おれさま]

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Oresama [おれさま] Oresama_DVD_front_cover

Oresama (おれさま lit. "Me"?) is a Japanese film released in 2004.
The movie revolves around the protagonist of the story, Japanese rock musician Miyavi, portraying himself and his adventures when he goes back 20 years in time.

After an initial run into a few fans, on the way, he falls asleep in his car, following which, he wakes up walking on a railway track. Experiencing a series of bizarre events with the locals, he soon realizes that he is in the year 1984. Upon realizing which, he goes to his house but as he's not sure how to face his family & their reaction to him "coming from the future," he runs away even after ringing the door bell. Contemplating what to do now, he meets Shinni (Hassei Takano) in an alley, posting an advertisement about wanting to make a band. He convinces Shinni about his obvious good looks & being born to be a rock star. He also tells him that he could play the guitar & sing in the band. Convinced, Shinni asks for them to go to a recording studio. However, Miyavi advises against it. They leave for Shinni's home, whereupon witnessing Miyavi's remarkable guitar skills, Shinni accepts his proposal & agrees on letting him stay at his house.
Eventually, Miyavi meets a young boy (Matsushima Ryouta), who turns out to be his younger self.
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Oresama [おれさま]
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