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 #Your dear Nurarihyon#

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#Your dear Nurarihyon# Empty
PostSubject: #Your dear Nurarihyon#   #Your dear Nurarihyon# EmptyMon Oct 18, 2010 2:43 am

To be a good example to the shy ones,I'll post the first greeting in our irreplaceable forum.There isn't really any need to notify genre,location or any other personal information.We all are humans and we all need some space just for ourselves.
So,what I can share with the rest of the world nickname? *chuckles*
Well,I love Japan and I like South Korea.In a few months,I am going to Japan.To study and work there,actually to live there.I want to share with all of you,my thoughts about Asia,through that forum.I will do my best to make high qualitative translations from Japanese/Chinese.That way,I will be able to share many things about Asia,about the modern life and the history(through legends and myths).
Oh,well,I think that was a pretty boring intro about myself. *snickers* But,there is a good point,all of you can do better than me,I am sure.

Enjoy your time in Black Sun International Forum. (Uh,in short BSIF)
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#Your dear Nurarihyon#
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