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PostSubject: Black Sun International Forum Map   Black Sun International Forum Map EmptyMon Oct 18, 2010 2:26 am

Welcome to Black Sun International Forum

Hello,to those who feel lost in our forum(I really hope there aren't many).
I have accounts in many sites and forums,but sometimes,in the very beginning,I feel "lost".
So,I'll briefly try to make a map with explainations.

BSIF rules and news:
First of all,like a good user,I want you to visit >> BSIF rules << .
There isn't much to explain about that specific topic,so,let's move to the next one.

Greetings and Goodbyes:
We made a place where all of our users can introduce theirselves,although it's not necessary.Then,ofcourse,the place is for goodbyes as well.If some of you have to leave for certain time,they can share it here with their online friends ,when they are going to be back,or even where they are going. Here is a shortcut
>> Greetings and Goodbyes << .

Questions and Answers:
All I can say is,all sorf of your questions and answers have to be well-arranged in that thread. >> Questions & Answers << .

To make the "life" in our forum more exciting,we have decided,we are going to hold challenges,at least two times a month.The rules and more about those occasions will be described in >> Challenges << . As for the winners and their reward,they will be announced in >> BSIF news << .

Asian music:

To make it easier,we have classified main musical genres,not only that,but we have even made country classifications.If you can't find the genre you seek,check >> Others << . I don't think,it's needed to explain more about that section.I'm going to list shortcuts to those certain threads.


>> Jrock <<
>> Visual/Oshare kei <<
>> Jpop <<


>> Kpop <<
>> Krock <<


>> Cpop <<
>> Crock <<

Asian dramas/shows:

All of your favorite variety shows can be posted here.Favorite dramas and even movies.Just make sure to keep the classification and stand by it.
>> Dramas <<
>> Shows <<
>> Movies <<


I consider no explaination is necessary for those who love to read >> Manga << or to watch >> Anime << .We've made that union for all their desires and interests.Just an advanced option topic is
>> Cosplay << one.

All about Asia:

I believe users who have registered here are interested in Asia.We created a section,therefor.Where people can learn about Asian history through
>> Legends and Myths << . For more curious minds there is even an union about Asian >> Traditions << . Many of us like the modern life in Asia.I think we should inquire ourselves about what is happening in Asian countries through >> News << . As for the >> Gallery << section,I consider no one needs a description.I should notify that pictures uploaded there are only from Asia it self,not about Asian bands/groups/movies and so on.

Amusement Park:

If you have read the rules,I mentioned there about "never flood out of specefic threads".Here,we created a place where people can relax and talk about everything,not only about Asia.Laughing through games,sharing with the rest of the world fanart works or fanfictions.We even decided to make a place where we can vote for a daily ( music ) video.So,what is left for me to do is just to list shortcuts.

>> Flood <<
>> Games <<
>> FanArt <<
>> FanFiction <<
>> Video of the Day <<


Old topics or locked ones,we can find here >> Bin << . It's fundamentally the "graveyard" of our forum.

Your dear Nurarihyon.

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Black Sun International Forum Map
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